Airtel Broadband Usage Check – How to ?

If you are Airtel Broaband customer and want to keep and eye on your daily broadband usage or want to know how much bandwidth has been provided by the Airtel or in case you want to know how much data user is left in your account?

Airtel provides a very convenient way to get information on your broadband usage, You just need to visit the Airtel Smartbytes page. 

How To Access Broadband Information?

Best thing about Airtel smartbytes is that you even need not to login to access this information. Just click the above mentioned image or hyperlink to access the detail. Details available to smartbytes are :

  • Monthly data limit
  • Data usage (in GB ) left in the account
  • Number of  days left in the current billing cycle.

How to increase data limit ?

In case you have consumed all the available data limit you can even buy additional data packs. To do so visit here you will be able to see different data packs available with your connection, choose the desired one and continue using internet. Amount for additional data pack will be reflected in the next bill.

Airtel Broadband Customer Care

As an Airtel customer you have the convenience to access our 24-hr customer service centre which can be accessed by dialing number 121 .

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