Nokia Asha 501 - India Price Specs Pros & Cons

Not everyone needs a great smartphone with a sharp display and a processor that can launch satellites into orbit - some users would like to have a simple phone for calls and SMS. But with a touch screen, of course.

Nokia Asha 501 mobile phone is available on the internet stores in India can be bought for just Rs. 4999 .


The price of this phone thrown off due to the huge number of items which are not giving it to become a full-fledged smartphone. Yes, it's just a phone with some extra features, and not a full-fledged smartphone with its operating system. The product has received shell program called Asha Platform, which allows you to perform common tasks such as phone calls, writing SMS and other messages on the movement of the mobile phone menu, turning on the radio, camera and other functions that are in the phone.


Who should buy Nokia Asha 501 ?

For Rs.4999 you get a very interesting gadget . it's relatively compact in appearance and slim body. You will not feel your phone in your hand thanks to the fact that the body is made of lightweight, durable plastic. Against this backdrop, 3-inch display seems a little weak, but compare with the Samsung-s also impossible, because there is less than 4 inches nothing there. But this display is not designed for Internet surfing or gaming mode - you buy this gadget if you want a very long-playing gadget with compact size and ability to simply call or email message.



Nokia Asha 501 Hardware

At the this expense of CPU and RAM is not known, but these figures have to be very scanty in comparison with other phones. After all, this gadget has a simplified operating system, few built-in functions, and there is no multitasking. Put here a powerful processor and lots of RAM is just silly. But the phone has 4GB of flash storage, a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, but no flash. And the bluetooth module and Wi-Fi is also not to be redundant, right to use the internet you will, most likely, only for the fact that to meet the built-in Facebook chat or other instant messengers. Nothing else in this phone, in fact, not.


Nokia Asha 501 Online Deals

You can find a list of online shopping sites by visiting Nokia Asha 501 Online Price & Spscs . Best price is Rs. 4999 which is available from adexmart.

Other popular shopping sites and their prices are  :

  • Snapdeal - Rs. 5190
  • Flipkart - Rs. 5199
  • Infibeam - Rs. 5199
  • Homeshop18 - Rs. 5199

Nokia Asha 501 Advantages and Disadvantages

+Ve Points :

  • Handy - as small in size(3.91 x 2.28 x 0.48 inches inches)
  • Low Cost
  • Dual Sim
  • Proximity sensor
  • Facebook, Twitter Built in

-Ve Points :

  • Slow Internet browsing (EDGE, GPRS)
  • Low resolution display (240 x 320 pixels)
  • Low pixel density screen (133 ppi)


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